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Turnip the Beetz is a whole foods catering company located in Squamish BC, offering high quality ingredients and stress free catering services. Our mission is to create memorable experiences and nourishing meals for local weddings and events.

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Micaela and Alysha are both multi-disciplinary artists who have studied the power of nutrition and are passionate about serving others high quality foods and tasteful music.
By merging our skills of DJing and Cooking, we enjoy dedicating our lives to bringing nourishing meals and juicy beetz wherever we go.








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"Lettuce serve you, organic whole foods, gluten & dairy free!"

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One of the things we love about caring where our ingredients come from is not only that we're fueling our guests with foods that will allow their bodies to thrive but we can also cater to a lot of those who struggle with food allergies.

With a rise in environmental c
hallenges and toxicity we really understand the importance of supporting farmers that care about the health and well being of our planet.

Being mindful consumers we are continuously adapting and learning how we can make the best decisions for our guests and the Earth. So we can thrive for generations to come and pass down a legacy that
's rooted in love.




Turnip the Beetz food truck catered for our wedding and it was beyond my expectations! Everything was full of colour, life, and flavour. They were very prepared, professional and super hard working. They even went out of their way to accommodate different dietary restrictions of our guests and made personal salad dressings. So many guests told me it was the best wedding food they'd ever had! A meal that will be remembered by all :)
Thank you so much!!! - Jessica & Shane Wilson

Legendary. Best new food truck in town, 10/10. Fresh, well crafted, super flavourful organic dishes with mouth watering sauces, amazing portion sizes, and served with smiles that will melt your heart. Definitely a business that lives their values and infuses love into their food. The vegan sushi bowl is my all-time favourite! - Dana Lingelbach

The two ladies who own this gem of a business are some of the most passionate people I have met. Not only about the food that they serve but the energy with which they serve it. Likely the most health conscious food business in the Sea to Sky.
Thanks! - Colour Craft Painting

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