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"Lettuce Serve You Vibrant Foods and Funky Beetz!"

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Why choose whole foods for your wedding? Your wedding day is one of the most monumental occasions of your life, and is the perfect opportunity to give friends and family a glimpse into your lifestyle. If you're here, you likely value protecting the environment and preserving your health. Staying true to your values and choosing a wedding menu that aligns is a no-brainer! Our variety of internationally inspired menu items are sure to wow and satisfy even the most carnivorous of guests. 


1. QUALITY - We take pride in serving high quality nutrient dense foods, sourcing ingredients from local farmers and organic suppliers. This not only will enhance the flavour of the dishes we create but will also provide more nourishment for you and your guests!

2. STRESS FREE - Don't worry we've got you! It's important to us that we co-create a stress free and nourishing experience. We're aware that menu planning can often times feel overwhelming, especially if there's lots of food sensitivities involved. We offer a clear, detailed and organized procedure by creating a catering proposal that is catered to your own specific needs and deepest desires! 

3. FLEXIBILITY - Worried about spending all your savings on food? We want to ensure that our clients feel seen, heard and valued. Often wedding catering can be incredibly expensive and by having clear communication and working together to have your needs met with the budget you have in mind. We feel confident that we can cater a high quality wedding for you even without breaking the bank!

4. ECO - FRIENDLY - It's important to us that we are not only conscious of where our food comes from but also being mindful of the amount of food waste that can occur being in the serving industry. We're always learning new ways of how we can make a positive impact on the planet by providing compostable packaging, being more energy efficient and reducing our waste!


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We love incorporating artistic flair into our food, using elements from nature and food itself. We enjoy playing with texture, color and shapes to craft a beautiful display for your guests to marvel at. You'll often find edible flowers in our dishes, or cedar boughs, pinecones and candles on the table.

"Food is Art".


Do you have a vision of bringing people together with wholesome foods and tasteful soundscapes? If you're hosting an upcoming conference, birthday party or local event. We would love to co-create with you to enhance the experience with our delicious food, tasty beets, and flavourful ideas. There's nothing we love more than creating an environment where we can celebrate life together!

Squamish Catering


We are excited to provide value to our wedding clients with our passion for music and dancing. Over the years, we've developed a tasteful array of music that is sure to get your guests moving and grooving. We specialize in house, disco and funky musical journeys and can accept requests for your favorite songs prior to your special night. A sound system can also be provided - send us an inquiry with your needs and we will take care of the rest! 

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Check out our Soundcloud!

If you're curious about the style of music we enjoy playing feel free to head on over to our Turnip the Beetz Soundcloud page and have a listen of our favourite tracks and playlists!


Whether you're looking to celebrate your team's big work season or upcoming new business ventures, or are looking for someone to cook you weekly lunches. We've got you covered! Reach out today and learn about our variety of plant based dishes that will not only satisfy your team but will give them the energy they need to deliver the results you're looking for!

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 We partner with a talented local photographer who shows a lot of creativity and passion in his work. He not only captures the love that you hold in your hearts but the unique and beautiful story that you've created together. We highly recommend Matt Anthony Media and his ability to photograph your special day, allowing you to look back and share these precious memories for years to come!


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